IMG_0916Hi there! I am Jenny! I am a baker, blogger, and YouTuber that is very passionate about the world of pastry arts! Welcome to my website where you will find anything and everything about baking.

When I was young, I followed my mom in the kitchen, learning how to mix, measure, and decorate. I started off with box mixes, and as time went on I discovered my passion for baking and all that comes with it. I started to make everything by scratch, and have been experimenting ever since!
After a couple of years, I wanted to share my passion of baking with the world, so I started a youtube channel called Jenny Bakes! I post nearly every week, giving step by step explanation of how to make my recipes. All of the recipes on my blog will have a video on Youtube, so stay tuned for more!


When people started seeing the things I made on YouTube, they wanted to order some of my treats! For now, all of my baking requests have been through word-of-mouth, from family, friends, and coworkers. This blog is the first step in pursuing my dream of opening a bakery, and everything that comes out of my kitchen has to be up to my standards!


Enjoy my blog, and I hope it inspires you to bake!