Birthday Cake Funfetti Milkshakes


This recipe was probably one of the most fun recipes I’ve made to date because I was able to make it with my friends! On this episode, my friends Tiffanie and Gabby took over Jenny Bakes to show you how to make this amazing shake. The vanilla ice cream infused with the funfetti cake mix (aka party in a cup), and the air from the marshmallow fluff makes this shake one of the best shakes ever! It’s a perfect shake to make with your kids because its easy and quick! Everyone in the family will love it!


2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream
1/2 Cup Funfetti Cake Mix
3/4 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Marshmallow Fluff


Sprinkles (Extra for milkshake, and lining the glass)
Corn Syrup
Glass milk jug


  • Dip the glass milk jug in corn syrup, and then into the sprinkles. This step is optional, but it brings the shake to the next level!
  • In a high quality blender, add ice cream, funfetti cake mix, milk, and marshmallow fluff.
  • Blend these ingredients until it is a thick, smooth shake.
  • Make this shake more festive by tossing some sprinkles in and giving it a quick blend. Don’t blend it for too long, because the sprinkles won’t show.
  • Pour your shake into your jug, and top it with extra sprinkles and cute straw!

This is a great shake for summer, because of how refreshing and delicious it is. But, really we should drink milkshakes all year long. If you love cake batter ice cream, you will love this shake! Be sure to use high quality vanilla bean ice cream because that affects how good the shake will taste! Hope you guys enjoyed this special episode on Jenny Bakes with my friends! We had an amazing time creating it!