Cupcake Terra Cotta Pots with Strawberry Carrots

These cupcake pots are really cute and festive, and they are perfect for easter. You can use any cake (carrot cake would be cool!) and any frosting you like. It’s a cute dessert to bring to a party, or make with your kids at home. Its pretty simple, but turns out looking like a really awesome dessert!

You can bake in terra cotta pots, but to make life easier, I bought these adorable silicone pots. You can find them here:…



Any cake batter and frosting. Here is my cake batter and frosting video :…
Oreos (the cookie part)
Orange Candy melts
Terra Cotta Baking Pots


  • Bake the cake batter in the pots at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.
  • Once they are out, let them cool. Remove them from the pot, and cut it into half. Place half back into the pot. Then pipe in some frosting. Place the next layer, and then trim the top of the cupcake if it has a bump.
  • Frost the top of the pot, and sprinkle on crushed Oreos to act as the dirt.
  • Dip your strawberries into orange candy melts. Let them dry, and then pipe lines with the orange candy melts. Let them dry completely before putting them on the pot.