Minion Transfer Cake

This blog post and video does not have exact measurements, or a complete recipe. I made this video to show the process of making a transfer cake. Transfer cakes are usually made using a sponge cake batter. It may look like a lot of work, but the finished product is amazing!


You can do whatever design you like. I chose a minion, because I was inspired by my little cousin. You can find the minion picture I used here:…



Decoration Batter
Sponge Cake Batter
Square Pan
Parchment Paper
Minion picture
Banana Candies


    • I made this video to show the process of making a transfer cake. For better instructions, watch the video.
    • Make the decoration batter, and dye them the appropriate colors.
    • Place the picture under the parchment paper, and tape them together on a pan. Pipe the batter according to the picture. Freeze it until it’s hardened.
    • Make your sponge cake batter
    • Place your design at the bottom of a sprayed pan. Pour the sponge cake batter on top.
    • Bake the cake, and then allow it to cool completely before flipping it over.
    • Remove the cake from the pan, and then cut it into half. Add the buttercream and bananas and stack the other layer of cake on top.
    • Frost the sides of the cake, and make your butter cream boarders.
    • Lastly, add your candy bananas for decoration.